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How to set the frame rate for a project in iMovie 10.4

If you use different devices to record video, you might have come across “jittery” playback of some clips: if the project has a frame rate different from the clip you’re adding, iMovie adapts by removing frames, or duplicating them, depending on whether the clip frame rate is higher or lower than the project frame rate.

So how does iMovie determine which frame rate to use for a project? It sets the project frame rate when you add the first clip to the project. However, it only does that if you click the plus icon! If you drag the clip from the media browser to the timeline, it keeps it’s default, which for me (in Europe) appears to be 24 frames per second.

Screencast showing clicking and dragging of clips in iMovie

Click + to add the first clip to set the project frame rate

Since there is no way to change the frame rate after adding the first clip, make sure you drag an appropriate clip in to the time line first thing. The only way I found to check if the correct frame rate has been set is to export the project and check with QuickTime or VLC.

Panorama movie of Texas Stadium demolition

Texas Stadium, previous home of the Dallas Cowboys, was demolished on April 11th. Immersive Media recorded the demolition of the main structure using a 360° high speed video camera, so you can pan and zoom around while the stadium is collapsing around you. I don’t know if this is the first such recording, but it certainly is a nice application of panoramic photo and video recording, so that you can experience something from a position you would not want to be in personally. Too bad the camera got knocked out about halfway through the sequence.

Texas Stadium demolition

Screenshot of Immersive Media's flash viewer, displaying the demolition of Texas Stadium

via BoingBoing

7 ½ Hours Train Ride Video

I just got home from my historical train club VVM‘s xmas party, just to find this. Just the right thing for all us ferrosexuals.

The Norwegian broadcaster NRK recently made a 7 hour program about the very scenic train journey from Bergen to Oslo. The program was hugely successful (the TV version offered interviews and various things along the ride). The raw film from the front camera is now being offered as a free Bittorrent download under a CC license.

Via BoingBoing

Les Paul

Nun hat’s auch Les Paul erwischt. Nein, es handelt sich nicht um eine Gitarre, sondern um deren Erfinder. Außerdem verdankt man ihm das Mehrspur-Tonaufnahme-Verfahren, indem er zahllose Bandmaschinen zusammenschaltete und synchron laufen ließ, sowie – und daher auch sein Ruhm – die Solid-Body-Gitarre. Les Paul ist just im Alter von 94 Jahren gestorben.

Ein schöner Nachruf auf Spiegel-Online

Hier eins seiner berühmtesten Musikstücke, gespielt mit seinem unverwechselbaren Gitarrenspiel und wiedergegeben im 24-Spur-Verfahren plus zwei Live-Spuren (Video auf Youtube)


Ein Neuseeländer hat sich dem Thema Raketenrucksack genähert. Nachdem er viele Nachteile beseitigt hatte (z.B. die kurze Flugzeit von ca. einer halben Minute), hat er neue Nachteile eingebaut: Gigantische Größe und fantastischen Lärm, immerhin aber garniert mit halbstündiger Flugdauer. Hier kann man sich das Spektakel ansehen:

Düsenrucksack – Bericht und Videos