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7 ½ Hours Train Ride Video

I just got home from my historical train club VVM‘s xmas party, just to find this. Just the right thing for all us ferrosexuals.

The Norwegian broadcaster NRK recently made a 7 hour program about the very scenic train journey from Bergen to Oslo. The program was hugely successful (the TV version offered interviews and various things along the ride). The raw film from the front camera is now being offered as a free Bittorrent download under a CC license.

Via BoingBoing

Asus barebone Pundit4 P5G41 (with pics!)

We were in need of replacement hardware for our two Shuttle K45 we’re using as servers, since one of them developed a case of capacitor plague, and the Asus Pundit4 P5G41 turns out to be a nice choice. It’s compact, features a LGA 775 socket, two DDR2 sockets, space for one 3.5″ and one 5.25″ drive (SATA only), and even has a serial port built right into the case (we’re big fans of serial consoles).

This model seems to be relatively new (introduced apparently in the fall of ’09), and I couldn’t find any pics of the innards. I’ve added a couple of interior photos to our wiki. Enjoy!

Lotusblüte abgebrannt

Heute ist unser langjähriges Stammlokal, die Lotusblüte in Eppendorf, durch einen Brand schwer beschädigt worden. Zum Glück hat sich lediglich der Koch leicht an der Hand verletzt, als er versucht hat, den entstehenden Brand in der Küche zu löschen.

Ein echter Schlag ins Kontor! Mit dem BSD-Treffen sind wir morgen erstmal im Leon, Koppel 1, 20099 Hamburg.

Abendblatt, Mopo